| The Essex County Department of Corrections


Until further notice, please call 973-274-7763 to schedule a professional visit.


Whenever a professional such as: an Attorney, Prosecutor, Public Defender, Department of Children and Family’s official, advocate or licensed professional (collectively referred to as Professional) requires access to professional visits via video the following process must be completed:

The Facility’s Responsibility

  1. Essex County Correctional Facility will verify the attorney’s/professional’s Identity and credentials within seventy-two hours.
  2. The Essex County Correctional Facility will err on the side of caution and will contact the professional in writing for additional information when verification cannot be readily made.
  3. The Facility intelligence unit will complete a thorough verification of the attorney’s/professional’s credentials

Professional WebEx Visitation

  1. The Attorney must send an email to professionalvisits@eccorrections.org to request a virtual visit.
  2. The email should include the parties name, email address that the WebEx link will be sent to, contact phone number, inmate(s) name and time frame needed.
  3. All request will be scheduled within 48 hours
  4. Once you are scheduled you will receive a series of email alerts from videovisitaion@admin.essexcounty.nj.org reminding you of your scheduled meeting.
  5. The final link will be sent 10 minutes prior to your scheduled WebEx meeting.
  6. You will click on the link and join from the browser.
  7. This is available Monday- Friday 8am-4pm.

In person Professional Visits

  1. The attorney/professional must email professionalvisits@eccorrections.org to request an in person visit.
  2. If an attorney is requesting for someone else to come on their behalf they must complete the civilian clearance form which will be emailed upon request.
  3. All in person professional visits will be scheduled within 24 hours.
  4. If an attorney needs to bring in a laptop power cord, etc. This request must be emailed to professionalvisits@eccorrections.org.
  5. Please note you cannot schedule 10am-10:30am / 1pm-2:30pm.

Video Teleconferencing (VTC)

  1. The Attorney/Professional must call (973)274-6246 to schedule a V.T.C which is located inside of the Public Lobby
  2. All request will be scheduled within 24 hours
  3. Please inform the Officer if you have legal paper work that needs to be signed or dropped off to your client
  4. This is available from Monday- Friday 9am-3pm

Professional Legal calls/ Paperwork

  1. If you would like to schedule a Professional legal call please email ktdronke@eccorrections.org and lmartinez@eccorrections.org .
  2. Please give at least 48 hour notice for all request.
  3. All legal calls are scheduled from 8:15am-3:30pm based on availability.
  4. Legal calls cannot be scheduled between the hours of 1pm-2pm.
  5. If you have any legal documents to be signed or dropped off to your client (S) please email to ktdronke@eccorrections.org and lmartinez@eccorrections.org with detailed instructions.
  6. Please note all documents must be sent as PDF and cannot exceed over 35 pages.

If you have any issues or questions, please contact the Visitation Sergeant Dupree at (973)274-7585.